Electrical Repair and Renovation Denver

electrical repair denverElectrical Renovation

Commercial and residential electrical needs today are far different than those of even a few years ago. The advancements in technology alone often justify a careful consideration of your existing electrical system to determine if updates are warranted. Our electrical service and repair team can provide the knowledge and insight needed for your power, lighting, and controls renovation project. With over 40 years of experience in the electrical renovation field Lakewood Electric Company, Inc. is ready to help no matter the size or scope of your next project.

Lighting Technology Saves Money

Green technologies are becoming increasingly more important. Newer lighting options are great examples of ways to save money on utility costs and benefit the environment simultaneously. LED lighting options are continuing to expand, and new lighting controls are easier than ever to integrate into existing systems. Adopting new technologies into your home or business can be a “smart” move and pay dividends for years to come. The team at Lakewood Electric Company, Inc. have been installing LED Lighting and lighting controls systems for years and welcome the opportunity to discuss the options with you.

Electrical Repair

Electrical problems are often inconvenient and can also be dangerous. A tripped breaker or outlet that has stopped working may be an indicator of a potential issue. Troubleshooting and repairs on electrical systems are best done with a comprehensive understanding of electricity along with the right tools and knowledge to safely repair them. It takes years of experience working on electrical repairs to become proficient in knowing how to fix them safely and correctly. Lakewood Electric Company, Inc. has a team of trained technicians ready to tackle your electrical repairs.