Electrical Design Build & Design Assist

inner-electrical-design.jpgBusiness owners and Contractors must make many decisions before and throughout the construction process, but hiring a Denver and Front Range Electrical Design Build & Design Assist firm can be one of the most important.

Construction Collaboration in Real Time

At Lakewood Electric Company, Inc. we believe the Design Build & Design Assist model offers some of the greatest opportunities for enhanced project value. Design-Build construction is a collaborative approach to the entire construction project starting in the initial planning stage and continuing through project delivery. The Design Build method utilizes the design team as a single point of responsibility and communication to the owner for all aspects of the project. We engage our pre-construction team early in the project in order to develop a comprehensive understanding of the owner’s vision and goals as well as facility requirements, design parameters and budget. With that knowledge, our pre-construction team then works diligently within the design team providing electrical design guidance, project estimating and value engineering ideas in real time to maximize efficiency and value. Because of our partnership with the Electrical Engineer, we can effectively identify many coordination issues during pre-construction and develop corrective actions prior to the construction phase helping to eliminate costly delays later. With over a century of combined Electrical Contracting and Construction experience Lakewood Electric Company, Inc. is an integral member of the design team. By leveraging our vast experience and professional relationships we can help ensure a superior construction process with realized savings in both project costs and schedule.

BIM - Construction Planning in 3D

A successful construction project starts with a good plan. One of the best ways to help develop that plan is by using Building Information Modeling (BIM). This concept leverages the power of a virtualized 3D modeling environment allowing all parties to “see” & “interact” with the facility before actual construction takes place. The BIM model is assembled by first loading the facilities structural components and then populating the significant building systems into the software. Once the initial components are loaded, the BIM model can be used to simulate construction, analyze design change impacts, and identify system collisions. Lakewood Electric Company, Inc. has been involved with BIM Modeling on a number of projects over the years. Our team has the know how to navigate this 3D construction world.